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How many of you had a covid setback that was only short lived?


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Hello.  I caught covid on 1/1/23, only had the severe flu-like symptoms for about two or three days (headache, fevere, chills, body pain, etc.) but my withdrawal symptoms got much worse than acute once the main virus symptoms left.  I already had air hunger in withdrawal, but now it's become worse.  My body feels like it's rushing and tingly every day, I am eay more depressed, developed brief akathisia which I had never had, my sleep is worse, and I feel restless and hopeless.  I have also had my choking symptom return.  I can't find as many posts on here about this as I'd hope for, and a lot of people seem to post about this lasting a year.  :( I feel devastated, as I was starting to slightly improve from withdrawal, but now feel I can hardly get out of bed or distract myself with anything.  I feel totally convinced that this will last a long time because that's what I see for other people.  But I haven't seen a case where somebody seemed to get VERY bad and then better quickly.  Any answers appreciated please.  :(

For those of you who HAVE had a long lasting covid setback, when did you feel that it became TOLERABLE? . . . Thank you.

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Please help.  Anybody?  Or did you all have long setbacks?  Every moment feels intolerable. When will this be tolerable?  Can barely even distract because I am so miserable.
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I got Covid for Christmas - 1st time. Other than food tasting like cardboard and cough and congestion, I'm back to my regular baseline of miserable after a couple of really crappy wave days. It's weird how the Covid supersedes withdrawal, like your body knows what to focus on fighting/repairing. That happened to me after surgeries in withdrawal too.


The key to not getting long Covid is not pushing yourself and resting as much as possible, or so they say.


Hope you feel better soon.

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