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"Drug titration is the process of adjusting the dose of a medication for the maximum benefit without adverse effects."

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Drug_titration

In the case of benzodiazepine withdrawal, titration means making ‘small enough’ reductions in dose to keep withdrawal symptoms tolerable.

Examples of titration techniques used by members of the layperson withdrawal community include:

  • Manufacturer’s lower dose pills
  • Professionally compounded lower dose pills/capsules
  • Pill-splitting
  • Pill-shaving and weighing
  • Pill-crushing and powder weighing
  • Manufacturer’s liquid
  • Manufacturer’s liquid - diluted
  • Professionally compounded liquid
  • Liquid made with pill(s) and manufacturer’s suspending vehicle (e.g. OraPlus, SyrSpend)
  • Liquid made with pill(s) and milk
  • Liquid made with pills(s) and water

Note: Some individuals use a combination of techniques. For example, lower dose pills and a liquid.

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