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Suicide, Self-Harm & Threatening Behaviour

Benzodiazepine use and withdrawal can create feelings of suicidal ideation or urge to self-harm (or harm others). But BenzoBuddies, our support team, and our members are ill-equipped to assist, counsel or assist you in such matters. As a peer-support platform, we are unqualified to provide medical advice. It is imperative that if you experience any of these feelings that you contact a doctor or the emergency services as a matter of urgency.

Because such content would be triggering and overly burdensome to other members, we will remove any content which breaches these guidelines. We do not remove it to punish the poster, but to protect you and the wider membership.

If you experience difficulty in locating suitable support for such feelings, we can try to assist you in locating suitable services. Please understand that this is the limit of how we can assist in these matters.

We implore members who happen upon posts or receive Direct Messages containing threats of self-harm or harm directed towards others to report the message without delay.

To report a message:

  • Click the 'meatball' menu (...) at the top-right of the post or message
  • Select 'Report'
  • Optionally, include a message with your report
  • Click 'Submit Report'.
  • Please. Stay safe

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