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some accidental Valerian CTs amplify benzo withdrawal symptoms? Could that be?


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Hi buddies,

Today I have a real bad day! I've been in this huge wave for 2 weeks now (almost 2 months out) that made me feel like (almost) back to the first 2 weeks of early acute... but it really seemed to get better the last few days... but then, just yesterday, I ran out of my Valerian I've been taking  eversince my too rapid Klonopin Taper (for nightmares)... and today I was so much in acute withdrawal again... it was terrible... I was completely shocked!


Normally I'd think this was coincidence with the Valerian ...but I've really had that before as well a couple of times when I accidentally forgot my Valerian for night... and it totally seemed to rev up my benzo withdrawal sxs! That cannot be coincidence! I mean I have my waves anyways ...but everytime I took the Valerian again my symptoms improved right away the other day (less extreme fatigue,  more windows, symptoms not as extreme)


Can accidentally quitting or forgetting Valerian as a herbal remedy really amplify benzo withdrawal symptoms?


The same thing with my methylphenidate (Ritalin for ADHD) I could always quit CT many many times (after years or as needed) but not since I am in benzo withdrawal... it amplifies my symptoms and gets me into severe rebound panic! I bet it would be the same thing with my Propanolol (you shouldn'tCT anyways)... so I will need to stay on that stuff for a while

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Any psychotropic herbal or supplements can potentially set you back. They mess with GABA.  It happened to me.

You can't stop taking them suddenly. Same as benzos.

I haven't heard of any great benefits taking herbs or supplements for our condition. It would be great news! But it is sadly  all the contrary, they produce more harm than good.

Wait for the storm to pass.

You'll be ok





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