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C/T & interdose withdrawal Zopiclone and dyhydramine - Get on Valium?


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I was taking Zopiclone occasionally for 3 years.


This past month I took zopliclone and cycled with dyhydramine sleep aid 25-50mg. Took a break for 3 weeks.


Then took 2.50 zopliclone for two days, then a couple days of dyhydramine then stopped all meds and started having issues.


Then tried another 2.50 zopiliclone 4 days ago to help with symptoms but created muscle spams and little sleep. So I stopped zopiclone again. Tried to take a muscle relaxant and then another benedryl for sleep then next two days and symptoms exploded into hell.


I wrecked my system. I also wonder if taking all the dyhydramine isn't the real cause of a lot of my symptoms. I only took one a night ago so I haven't had much time to get it out of system again.


Do I try to get on Valium asap or ride this out no drugs? Insomnia is biggest concern. Really hard to stabilize after all these meds.



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I doubt what you’re feeling is the result of dyhydramine, Zopiclone is a nasty drug, you haven’t wrecked your system but you have shocked it by quitting abruptly.


If you continue with your cold turkey, you’ll most likely continue to have acute symptoms for another week or so, then these should settle down into daily misery until you recover.  Recovery can take months and years but the symptoms lessen in time.


If you decide to reinstate, you’ll hopefully stabilize on your old dose, then begin a slow taper which wil be challenging but hopefully you’ll be functional.  Once off the drug, you’ll face the acute stage which hopefully won’t be like what you’re experiencing now and recovery will mean a lessening of symptoms over time.


You can except insomnia to be your companion for quite some time no matter what path you take.


Switching to Valium is an option if you doctor is on board.

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