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Does the timeline you've been on benzos really play a role on recovery timeline?


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Hi buddies,

I don't know, can't help it... but everytime I see people post here who have just been on benzos for as little as 4 weeks and then have a recovery timeline that takes months, just like a timeline you would expect someone to have who'd been on benzos for years!


That makes me really wonder and doubt at the same time whether the timeline you've been on benzos really plays such a big role in recoverytimeline?! To me it sometimes seems more like once you're hooked you're just hooked, now matter for how long! Is that true? How do you buddies think about it?


Is it really that GABA receptors are getting even more downregulated throughout many years people have been on benzos, or is it that benzos getting stored somewhere in the system throughout the many years so that it makes long term user even more susceptible to a long withdrawal and PAWS or is this something that may happen in just as little as in a few weeks?

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I unfortunately for me believe in the once you're dependeng you are dependent statement. I took it for 12 days and got dependent on day 5. It is hell. I know someone much older than me who's been on it for 10 years and very easily tapered from 2 mg to 0.3 mg. Now she continues to take 0.3 mg cause if she goes to 0.2 mg she gets a rapid heart rate and jelly legs. I explained her about diluting it. But she is able to live a life on it and quite well. Sleeps, lots of laughter, etc. I never managed. It was a thick black cloud right from the start and unfortunately I was too stuck in it to quit sooner.
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