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What are your remaining symptoms?

How functional are you?

Do you socialize?

Do you have windows?

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1. Depression

2. Difficulty Concentrating

3. Dissociation

4. Dry Skin

5. Ear popping

6. Emotional numbness

7. Eyelid twitching when closed

8. Executive dysfunction

9. Fatigue

10. Hyperacusis

11. Inner vibration

12. Medical anxiety

13. Monophobia

14. Mood Swings

15. Muscle Pain (back of body)

16. Muscle Twitching

17. Nose burning

18. OCD

19. PTSD

20. Paresthesia all over 

21. Restlessness / Aka

22. Sensitivity to smells, foods, stress

23. SIs (due to physical pain)

24. Tinnitus

25. TMJ pain

26. Weight loss


Functional? Housebound due to pain and depression at the moment. I cook meals, shop for home items online, and can do things around the house. I do not drive by choice.

Socialize? No. I wish.

Windows? Had it a bit easier for 8 days recently but have not had symptoms drop off (yet) as I have heard happens to others. Hopefully coming soon.


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7 months off in two weeks.


Severe muscle tightness / dystonia ( even diagnosed) throughout whole body

Akathasia lessening but not gone

Pain everywhere/ pressure everywhere

Weak legs

Tickling in legs strange sensations in lower legs

Feeling like being on the edge of a seizure

Hair loss

Left body paralysis of contracting muscle

Shoulders so tight it changes my posture


Feeling I will never heal

Suicidal only in pms / period week ( part of akathasia)


Stiff fore arms and hands cannot button up or do stuff fine motoric

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