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Tapered off of Benzos, completely healed for 10 years.


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Ok well thought id share my story for hope. About 11 years ago i started out .5 Xanax for sleep. That turned bad after about a month when it quit working, so Dr. upped dosage to 1MG. That worked until another month, what i started doing was upping my dosage myself. Before you knew it i was taking 6 pills a day (3MG) of xanax and my symptoms were just getting worse and worse somehow. I knew i had to get off the stuff, had no idea how so i called my Dr. who got mad that i had upped my dosage myself so he dropped me. There i was with about 7 days worth of pills left and completely hooked on this stuff. It had been about 6 months at that point, i was def addicted. I read on internet how to taper, so i started out by cutting .25 out during the day. Well i started having horrible withdrawls and insomnia. Meanwhile i was trying to support a wife, kid and a mortgage.


I happened to find an ND who helped me to cross over to valium. I believe at the time i started out on 30MG Valium. She had no idea how to taper, and started tapering me 5MG every week (yes believe it or not) and when i hit 15MG it about killed me so she upped it to 20MG and there i started on my tapering journey. I was successfull at tapering off of 20MG Valium, it took me a year to do it, but main thing is i did it. After that, it took me about 3 months before i started to feel like myself again. After that, i went for 10 years with no pills....and slept like a normal human being again and felt great. Was able to travel to Hawaii, take cruise ships, go to jungles and go snorkeling....got into shape and ran half marathons, basically was completely back to normal.


10 years.....i foolishly started taking xanax again for sleep (i cant believe it myself i know) after a rough divorce and i had a few laying around. Biggest mistake of my life...but oh well it is what it is... anyways there is hope! If you get off this crap you too can spend a normal life again. It just takes time.

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