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Valium for ativan substitution


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I am holding at 0.375 mg a day of ativan taking it in 3 doses.


It seems many MD's are hesitant to switch patients to Valium. I know not all crossovers are smooth but I think it would help me.



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Switching can be incredibly helpful for interdose withdrawal but you’re right, it can be a challenge.  First, crossing takes time and it can come with side effects like sedation and depression but I’m told your body will in most cases acclimate and side effects will dissipate.  Some members aren’t able to complete the crossover and will go back to their original drug, but again this takes time and means more suffering.


Many doctors in the US are hesitant, the drug gained a reputation in the early years as a dirty drug but as far as I’m concerned, they all are. Doctors are also hesitant because it puts their patient on two benzo’s which can get scrutiny from regulatory agencies and doctors are pretty risk adverse, understandable. 


You can always shop around for prescribers who are open to the idea, some Nurse Practitioners seem to be more open to what we go through.

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