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After 20 Years on Klonopin. I am celebrating 2 years Benzo-Free this month!


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Hello all!  I have not been on this forum for awhile but I recall clinging to these threads while I was tapering and just wanted to share words of Hope!


It has been 2 years since I took my last micro-taper dose of diazepam!


I am 42 years old and when I was 19 I started having Panic Attacks and between doctors and family members, I quickly found myself taking ~ 1 mg of Clonazepam for the next 20+ years.


Over the years I knew I came to realize that I had a problem.  I tried to quit cold turkey. No Bueno!


What worked for me:


Remove other substances (Alcohol, Marijuana, etc)

Complete Honesty With Family Members

12 Step Programs (Cant express this enough.)

Believe in a higher power.  (Whatever that means to you)

Desire to Stop

Peer Support (Like this here! :) )

Excercise. Game Changer.


Last But not least: The Ashton Method (liquid Titration).  This made it possible to end the physical dependance.


My experience during tapering was very similar to others on this forum.  Every body and mind is beautifully unique and we all need to have grace for ourselves during this process.


Words of encouragement:  I was on these medications for a very long time and worried daily that I would never fully recover.  If I can do it. Anyone can!  In the last 6 months I have barely even thought of this medication.  Its really a miracle! Life is fully waiting for you on the other side of this!  My life still is hard but this experience has endowed me with the belief I can do anything.  I have purpose. I am hopefull for the future.  I sleep better.  Life is good.  Life is better! 


I hope message helps someone who might be going through this process! 


One day at a time!  You are worth it! 


LOVE Curtis!!!





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Hi Curtis!

Thank you. I needed to hear this....I'm a newbie in the first stages of tapering from 1 mg clonazepam for 24 years -- also in 12-step program for 24 years. Extravagant promises? WE THINK NOT.  :laugh:

Thank you for telling me that it does indeed get better. Looking forward to a slow recovery from this stupid physical and mental dependence on this stupid pill.....



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I was on them a long time as well. Just reading that helps me a lot. I get about 10 good then a then about a week of bad days. I’m hoping that it gets better and stays that way one day. It’s been brutal.

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Congratulations!! It’s so nice to hear when somebody makes it out the other side. I am 12 months off and have insomnia still. It seems to be getting better but it is still hellacious. Can I ask you when your sleep started to normalize?
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