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Next steps. Advice greatly appreciated.


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Hi guys,


I would welcome some advice on next steps in my exit from the Temazepan handcuffs.


I've taken Temazepan for sleep so I've never taken it every night until I hit tolerance (20mg not working when 10mg would give me 8 hours sleep). I then desperately wanted off the Temaz train so I researched & got various conflicting advice. I started taking 10mg nightly even though it stopped working on the advice of a benzo councillor (Phone hotline advice). I then saw an addiction specialist who basically told me to just stop and when I asked for a taper plan she just said basically to take one every 2nd night then one every 3rd night for a week then stop so I started doing that. Then I decided to stabilise & taper. Last week I took 2.5mg nightly followed by 2mg nightly for the past 5 nights. I know these reductions are crazy huge by most standards but I actually feel quite good & have minimal symptoms (bit of twitching, mild anxiety mostly about this). I want off as soon as possible. I'm also due back at work in 1.5 weeks after 8 weeks off to sort this out. I'd love to finish this Taper this week. I'm aware of the risks that once I stop, I have nothing to help the withdrawal which might be brutal as I may have kindled in the past. Should I drop to 1.75 & see how I feel?


I've cut caffeine mostly, significantly reduced sugar & gluten, no alcohol, exercising daily & I've structured my work week so that all I need to do is get out of bed, exercise  & go to work. I also plan on being honest with my employer so that if I have any symptoms at work they know what's going on.


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