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WD symptoms turned off after surgery/propofol?


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I had my tonsils removed a few months ago. I woke up from anesthesia and immediately noticed that my usually constant withdrawal symptoms were gone. For about a week, maybe two, after surgery, I had no symptoms... then they returned.


I was put under using propofol. They also used a very small bit of fentynal for pain - I didn’t use any other medications (aside from Tylenol) after the surgery.


It was like everything just turned off, albeit briefly. They returned slowly, but no worse than before - there was no rebound or additional withdrawal/kindling effect... I would love to uncover the physiological explanation for this. The science behind it. It’s so crazy how these symptoms that ruin my life everyday can just be flipped off like a switch.


I’m not in a great place mentally right now, so it’s hard for me to explore the nitty gritty science of it all... but wanted to put this out into the aether. Does anyone have any idea why propofol might’ve turned off my withdrawal symptoms for an extended period - way after it was out of my system? Any scientific explanation or physiological mechanism we could tap into with other means?

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Dear Nov3,


I am currently searching for molecules that could ease our path to our new life (well I hope I'll get a reward for what we endured and our relatives too).

I really hop that will get better.


propofol : its pharmacodynamic is by targeting GABA. What you felt was because for a brief moment another molecule was doing the job that your brain can't do properly anymore because he relies on Benzo. And as we know, Benzo stop having any effect.

Same but less with fentanyl. It - at some point of it's action working of GABA.


But we have 2 major problems : propofol is active for a short period of time, it will ease only on high dose that would just make us vegetables. And it needs to be administered in a hospital as it could have bad consequences.


They put on the market quite recently a nasal spray, the frospopofol, but same, hospital use as fare as I know.


And we cannot talk of fentanyl, it is potent, it's efficiency is marvelous, but it's addiction effect is soooo strong, that we would have a percentage of death comparing to those who passed trough that we cannot accept.


Please tell me if I am obscure somewhere, English isn't my language, and I tried to simplify my answer.

All the best. And hope again that you feel better!

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