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Looking for some help on a taper plan - first time liquid titrating


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So this is my fifth time trying to get off benzos. I've gotten myself down to 1.5mg of diazepam once daily. I had some questions about doing a slow taper.


I've heard that some people take a dose every 8 hours instead of once a day. Is this a good option?


I've been going down .5mg every two weeks, but when I made the cut from 1.5mg to 1mg the symptoms were unbearable. I didn't sleep for well over 48 hours. Can anyone give me an idea of how much I should be cutting and when I should be cutting? There are so many different people with different tapers that it's hard to sift through what I should be doing.


The longer I'm on the medication will increase PAWS right? Last time I was symptomatic for 16 months then I was 95% better, and that was after a 3 week rapid taper from ~7 year dose 4mg of Clonazepam daily. If I take a longer time on the taper, will it extend my symptoms after I jump?


Thanks for any help in advance. It's so sad to be back here after being clear of everything. These drugs are poison.

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I feel that drawing your taper out by slowing it down won't increase or decrease the time it takes you to heal, what does play into that time is your previous use and discontinuation of the drug.  Slowing it down will most likely aid to lessen symptoms but it's going to take what it takes to recover once you're off.


We can help you work out your doses, would you like to use titration and if so, liquid or dry?

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