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Started Taper/One Week/Important Questions


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Hi Everyone,


Thanks so much for your support so far in getting my DLMT started. I’ve gone down to .97mg from 100mg in one week with only a few hours of mild symptoms, so I think I found a good speed for now. I think I’m aiming for 10% per month based on this week, but more on that in a different thread. For now, would you please help me with the following questions, which I’m still unsure about. My biggest anxiety right now is about the tapering process, not decreasing my doses. I’m enthusiastic and focused and want to get it right the first time. Thank you for your time and knowledge!


1. VODKA/K SOLUTION MIXING VESSEL — What container/vessel do you use to mix your benzo and vodka? Such a small amount of vodka seems like it barely covers the pills. Right now, I’m tilting a mason jar, putting the pills in, and then dropping the vodka onto the K pills. Everything pools in the direction of the tilt. The 2ml:1mg mixture then breaks apart (another question below) and the sediment sinks to the bottom. Is there a better way to completely cover the K with vodka or is it enough that it is breaking down into the vodka?


2. VODKA/K SOLUTION STIRRING — Once the vodka breaks the K down into powder, do I have to stir it or shake up the K sediment to make sure it’s blended fully?


3. VODKA/K TIME TO DISSOLVE — Once the K has broken down in the vodka into fine powder sediment, I assume the K in the pill is dissolved. So, I typically add water after only 2-3 minutes, if that. Should I be letting that fine K powder sit in the bottom of the vodka to dissolve for longer?


4. STIRRING AFTER I ADD WATER — Once I add the 98ml of water to the .2ml of vodka/K solution, do I have to stir it each time before drawing my dose? Or can I just put the syringe in and draw without stirring or drawing?


5. AMOUNT OF VODKA — Does anyone ever add something like 2.5 ml of vodka or 3ml of vodka, just to make sure you add enough to dissolve? I’m a bit paranoid about dissolution!


6. Any other tricks or tips you have, I would greatly appreciate.


Thank you all so much again! This journey is possible because of the positivity and help I’m finding here.

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