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Oncologist agreed to switch me to Valium from Ativan (lorazepam) SLEEEEEPY


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3 Mg lorazepam split 5 times a day, doc switched me to 10 Mg Valium three times per day.

No real issues except tired and after one week getting more and more sleepy.

Doc wants me in control of my medication and reductions, great of him but I guess I need some advice  from you guys!

I want to increase my night time dose by 5 or 2 1/2 Mg while reducing my mid day dose by the same.

Do I need to wait two weeks or can I go for it now? It has been one week tonight.

Next I want to reduce my morning dose 5  or 2 1/2 Mg one or two weeks after the first change.


My Doc feels I can do this in a much shorter time than the Ashton Method (based on my history) and I like that, again he wants me in control.


Help me get started on reduction of dose, but if I need to stabilize for 2 weeks I will.


For the first time in 6 years I feel normal, I know it is the drug and I want it gone but there is no way I can handle the withdrawals I went through the three days I was without medication.


Thanks for your input,



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I've heard from several people that valium can be quite sedating.

It's good that your doctor is allowing you to be in control of your taper as you need to listen to your body and you may need to hold a certain dose for a while until you feel stable again.

You may wish to post on the Substitution Taper board to get feedback from people who have done a crossover to valium.


Take care.

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Hi Yaiam,


I did the crossover to valium and it was very sedating for me.  I have heard from others that the effect lessened with time.  I won't give you any advice on tapering because mine was hit or miss, my doc and I were learning together.  Plus I am super sensitive to meds and any change was drastic for me.


I would say slow and steady to make things easy as possible.


I hope others will chime in with more detailed information on your plan.



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