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New Here need a taper plan for Klonopion


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Hi, I have been on Klonopion and Celexa for 15 years and want and need off this stuff bad, I want to rid myself of the Klonopion first, I am taking 1.5 mg oncer a day, I am in tolorance witHDRAW I belive, I have bad head pressure burning eyes serious chronic fatigue, numbness in my face, I can not consintrate, I have memory loss and just feel drugged and disorented. I have been fighting the fatigue for 1 year now, it came on hard last year and at that time I was taking .75mg a day but had to increase to feel good but the fatigue and other horrible symptoms are hitting me hard again, at 1.5mg I still do not feel well, is their anything I can do to help with my symptoms I have had so many blood tested done over the past year and the docs say I am good to go so I think it must be related to the (K)??? Whats the best way to taper water titration and can someone make a schedual for me? I want this to be as painless as possible I have been thur hell the past 15 years of my life and it is time to get it back..


Sorry for the bad spelling and grammer.

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hello Jason,


I am so sorry to hear you are not feeling well. I did not feel well when I began to taper from Klonopin either. You want to know the best way to taper. That is an individual choice. I have been doing a direct taper from Klonopin buy dry cutting. If you would like me to share with you how I am able to do that please let me know.



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Hello Jason,


I can give you a taper plan. I will be right back. Okay? It will be a taper plan to do a direct taper from Klonopin by dry-cutting.



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Hello Jason,


Here is what I have learned along with an example of how to do a dose reduction from 1.5mg of Klonopin.




You get the % by taking the dose reduction and dividing it by the dose you are currently at. For example; a 0.03125mg dose reduction from 0.5mg is a 6.25% dose reduction.  0.03125 divided by 0.5 = 6.25% reduction.


I have been dry-cutting. I have learned some important things about this process for me:



1) Each dose reduction I am able to get to a point where my body gets used to the dose and my withdrawal symptoms are lower. I usually get a couple of days where I have lower withdrawal symptom days. I have found that those several days enough for me to feel ready to take on another cut.

2) I have found that I need to hold for no shorter than 2 weeks.

3) I listen to my body and hold until it feels like it has adjusted to the new lower dose.

4) My average holds have been 2 to 4 weeks

5) In order to keep the symptoms at a tolerable level, I keep my cuts around 10% or lower.

6) I have been able to keep my cuts to .03125mg when I hit .5mg of Klonopin.




In case you are interested in how I am able to dry cut the lower doses:


Cutting .25mg:


Here is how I am able to get the .25mg pieces. I break the .5mg tablet in half.  The brand Klonopin is scored and breaks in half easily.



Cutting .125mg


Take the .25mg and cut that in half. That is a .125mg piece. . I use an angle razor like a box cutter. And cut on hard surface like glass or a mirror.


Cutting .0625mg


I have the 0.5mg Klonopin.


I break the 0.5mg tablet in half then, I cut 1/4th off of that. I use an angle razor like a box cutter. I have found that the razor is thinner and sharper than the pill splitters I have worked with. Yet, I have read that some have no problem using pill splitters.


I cut the 1/4 off of the tablet on a glass surface. I have found the glass surface to be hard enough to get a clean cut. I press down firm and fairly fast. The 1/4 breaks away (from the .25mg). Now I have 0.0625mg.


NOTE: If you are unable to get a chip that is .0625 mg then you could crush it into powder. That would work as well. You would take a .25 mg piece and separate it into 4 piles.


Cutting .03125mg (Powder)

The way I get the .03125mg is I crush a .25mg piece and separate the powder into 8 piles. I happen to have a window scraper so that is what I use or you could use a razor. I crush the .25mg on a dinner plate with the top part of a pill crusher. Then use the window scraper or razor to separate the pile into 8. Each pile is .03125mg.


Note: (What I do is crush the portion of the tablet. Then I put it in one pile. I do my best with the razor to separate the pile into two. Then I take the two piles and separate them into two. That makes four piles. Then I take those and separate them into two more piles. That makes eight.)




Cutting .0156mg (Powder)


The way I would get a .0156mg cut is by crushing .125mg piece (to get the .125mg, cut the .25mg in half). Then crush the .125mg on a dinner plate, into powder with the top of a pill crusher. I happen to have a window scraper so that is what I use or you could use a razor. Then separate the piles into 8. Each pile is .0156mg.


NOTE: With the powder, here is how I take it. I lick my finger, press it on the powder, then I put the powder in my mouth. Then I drink some water after.




Here is an example from 1.5 mg Klonopin doing a .125 mg dose reduction:






1.375mg Total

That is an 8.3% dose reduction. 


I hope this is helpful,



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