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Need help


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Hello. Im 27 years old almost 28 and suffer from neurological symptoms since 3.5year ago.

After fast tapering, kindling. Multiple drugs on and off. .currently using 8mg mirtaz.


I feel like im like no one, im 24/7 the same and 18.5 months off benzo.

My symptoms:


Heavy leggs/heavy body i cant walk. Need a wheelchair

Severe neck contraction, i only can lie down.

Chemical feeling.


SEVERE overstimulation have to lie down in dark for 3 years now.

Muscles ' going crazy' from inside. Like torture

I have zero distraction and i feel like im so damaged like no one else.

I want to give up every second. Im living in totally isolation and its unbareable to me.

Someone else recoverd from this?







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