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Learning to Treat Benzo Injuries: Video, May/23


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This short (8:48min) video is well worth a watch! 


Psychiatrists Josef and Marissa Witt-Doerring share their experiences in learning to treat benzodiazepine-induced injuries.


Teaser: The current Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) is 800 pages.  How many of these pages are devoted to drug-induced symptoms/injuries?



Our First Impressions Learning To Treating Benzo Injuries (BIND)

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Hi Libertas,

I found this video earlier today and just saw here that you posted it. It was great to see these two doctors discussing their experiences. I applaud their work and their honesty. Refreshing, for sure. But it's also sad to think of how many people are misdiagnosed and treated improperly due to doctors simply not recognizing what they're looking at when a patient approaches them with medication-induced effects (as described by these two psychiatrists).


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Thanks, Libertas! Drs Witt-Doerring are clearly paving a way there in the US and luckily for us foreigners online too. I think it is incredibly sad how it is not recognized and also with non psych drugs like my own cortisone issues and even before that years ago hormonal issues due to anticonception medication I couldn't handle. I had an entire two years afterwards where I vomited and had hot flashes every time I had my period and NOW I realize, that was probably also some kind of withdrawal that had to settle itself again, I just never realized.


Even now neurologists recognize cortisone was a high dose and too fast taper but they just state I probably had mania (I didn't even have withdrawal mania, I had completely different symptoms but anyway) and that cortisone revealed or triggered underlying mania that would have also been there when that's simply not true.

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