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Benzodiazepines and the elderly


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Found this on YouTube: 


"Can Your Brain Heal From Long Term Benzodiazepine Use?"


Someone posted a question in the Comments:


10 months ago

What about someone who’s been on them for three decades and are now in their mid 60s. Is it possible that TMS treatments can help with the detox and how realistic is it for a patient like this to ever fully recover. Or is it better to keep them in your system after half a lifetime?

Thank you! 


Some body (4 replies) responded with:

Brett Wilson

1 month ago

People on them for decades, my psychiatrist once said should never stop taking benzos. Even on a taper plan.


Marge Hernandez

3 weeks ago

I agree. I’m 67 yrs and was told to taper. I winded up having a stroke. I’ll keep taking it for the rest of my life then. My dose is .5mg now but I’ve been on clonazepam for 17 yrs.


Brett Wilson

3 weeks ago

@Marge Hernandez  honestly, at this stage of the game the best option is to stay on it. You could try to taper down but the next decade or two would just be suffering, why waste the last 2 or 3 decades of life?


Dusty Gatrell

2 weeks ago

Keep them in your system .


Keep in mind - these are just comments from strangers, but there seems to be a certain degree of consistency involved.

First was Dr. Doerring this morning.  I could not believe what I was hearing from him regarding older people and dosing. Then I read these comments from regular people making comments on the Coleman Institute You Tube page. 


The more I look and read, the more similarities I find about this. 


I am beginning to get confused (again).  Well - if my prescribing MD who is 2 years younger then me retires, and I am not able to find a replacement, I'll wind up on the good ship TITANIC without a choice or selection or taper capability. (this is FLORIDA)


Split topic and retitled.



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Absolutely no way!!!! As you all can see from my signature, I've  been on this shit for decades. I'm going through hell now but my mind is hell of a lot clearer and my body is feeling as it was before taking this crap. Why would I keep taking this??? My research has shown me people do indeed recover!!! What a bunch of garbage and people need to keep their negativityto themselves!!!!
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I wish to hell I was still on them.  I was cold turkeyed by a sociopath doctor.
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