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Prolonged tolerance being the cause of terrible later symptoms?


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Here is my case. Want to know what knowledgeable people think.


Started taking Valium 5mg 3 times a day last August 2022 with Olanzapin and fluoxetine. Then Stopped Olanzapine and Fluoxetine Cold turkey while keeping Valium (Diazepam) 10mg a day. I kept this 10-15 mg a day of Valium until now, February 2023 and I have terrible multiple symptoms and insomnia that I cannot stand.


So I have this theory that at some point, close to August 2022:

1) either I had to increase my valium intake

2) or Taper from the 15 mg


Now yesterday morning at 6 am, coming off the hospital, my wife gave me 6 mg and i felt relaxed and slept for 2 hours then, later on,  my body was missing the substance.

My wife gave me the rest of my dose for the day , ie 4mg but later, I was electrified, restless and in lots of pain.


So my reasoning is the following. Since all these months I have kept my body on 10 mg, so about 5.5 months, it must have been screaming for his valium  increase and I started having withdrawal symptoms one after the other to end up with my body in a second state can you cannot call human and insomniac.


So my reasoning is the following, since 6 mg after the hospital kept me cool for 2-2.5h, I shall assume this is the dose my body actually needs per 2.5 hours to stabilize and start a taper from a comfort zone while minimizing the withdrawal symptoms.

Meaning, probably (from 5 am to 12 pm for example for a day life) 19 hours X 3mg (6mg each 2 hours/2) so about 57 mg for the day with 3 mg taken every hour from 5 am to 12pm.

I assume I will be then in my real comfort zone (that should have been reach for months since I did not taper - my HORRIBLE mistake).

I could then start a LONG taper but avoiding the terrible and many symptoms I have now having kept my body on 10 mg for 5 months.

Now, my question, will all my symptoms reduce or disappear or increase, will my brain cells be more damaged, will I be able to socialize again to watch TV again, to listen to music again, to go to sport again while tapering?


Knowing that I take natural brain remedies for neuroplasticity to repair the damaged synapses by the Benzo, I could start at 60mg a day (roughly), reduce at 55 mg for 1-2 weeks while taking my repairing brain remedies, then 50 mg per day for 1-2 weeks with my remedies etc... up to zero. THis will be LONG, many months but will my suffering be ended. I am not saying I will not be subject to certain withdrawal symptoms but certainly not like the huge number of symptoms I have now, and insomnia to having kept my body at 10 mg for 6 months?


Can someone answer this question? What you think? There are some risks but the idea is to avoid my terrible suffering that seem to keep increasing every day. :o:-[:-\:idiot:;)

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What “natural brain remedies” are you taking?  How long have you been taking them?  In what amounts?


Am I understanding correctly that you are considering updosing from 10mg to 60mg of diazepam?

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Hi LIbertas,


Thanks for answering


I am taking choline, taurine, 5 HTP, Probiotics, Essential amino acids, N Acetyl cysteine, , L Glutamine.


Yes about going from 10 to 60mg to start a taper that should be my confort zone because as i said, "So I have this theory that at some point, close to August 2022:

1) either I had to increase my valium intake

2) or Taper from the 15 mg",

I did not so my body probably went into tolerance and I never increase and kept it over the month at the same dosage and harder harder symptoms came in up to know where they are unbearable.

So my idea would be to go up to what I think is my confort zone, ei, around 60 mg and then taper slowly up to zero.

I got more than terrible symptoms, I cannot even think properly, walk properly, cannot work, cannot sleep, suffering like hell from the stomac, swollen hands etc...basically only suffering

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You’re welcome.


Thank you for letting us know what supplements you are taking.  When did you start taking these?  I ask because it is not uncommon for members to report that certain supplements (it varies by individual) make their symptoms worse.  I wonder if this might be a factor in your case.


Re: the suppositions and questions you have raised ….


I will defer to other members to respond.

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