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symptoms while tapering


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Looking for some clarity.


How symptomatic should I be during tapering?


If I have no symptoms does that mean I am going too slow and if many symptoms am I going to fast?


Tapering ativan and dosing 3x/day. At .375/day now after starting at 0.5 mg. I know many dose more often when tapering of ativan but when I do get symptoms it can be anytime of day regardless of when my last dose was.


Seems very random.


As always, thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience.

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Random is right, we never know from one minute to the next how we’re going to feel because our healing ins’t linear.  I hated how my symptoms would change for no reason, sure sometimes a stressful event would foretell problems but other times, it was totally random.


Typically our symptoms will let us know if we’re going too fast or slow so yes, they’re our guide.


It doesn’t sound like you’re dealing with interdose withdrawal, the dosing three times a day seems to be working well for you.

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Hi dude 66


Regarding my taper history you asked about. I only dosed once a day as that was the way I was taking my meds and I wasn't experiencing any interdose withdrawal. However, I was on Clonazepam which has a much longer half life than Ativan. You can't really compare the two. As Pamster said, from what you're describing, it doesn't sound like you're having interdose withdrawal. Usually you'll start feeling it a while before your next dose is due and when you take your meds, you'll feel much better after they kick in.


What you can do is start a journal and record the times your symptoms start, just to confirm they are in fact random. My symptom pattern is also very random, although I have symptoms almost all the time. Sometimes the intensity will increase and these increases are random.


It sounds like you're doing fairly well if you have periods when you have no symptoms at all.

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