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Pulsatile Tinnitus-whooshing sound right ear,


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I've been suffering pulsatile tinnitus right after I was put on lorazepam and a SSRI when my ordeal started 4 years ago.

I've had taken Cipro (antibiotic) and Bromazepan two months before that ,actually the whole nightmare started after taken those two. So I don't know what was actually the culprit .

This type of tinnitus is not the same regular constant pitch sound that a lot of people suffer here. It's a whooshing sound only in my left year.

It's been four years since I took those poisons with 2 tapers in between.  I visited top notch vascular doctors but didn't find anything. Also ENT's but they were a waste of time.

Please, I would like to hear from any of you that experienced the same issue. How do you cope with it or any cure.




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Hello micedana,

I'm sorry your dealing with a form of tinnitus. I read that certain medications, head injury, constant exposure to loud sounds and prolonged stress can cause & develop in to tinnitus. It has something to do with the brain connection to our ears. I too went a ENT, Neurologist and nothing. My regular dr. said theres no cure and wanted me to go back on anti depression, anxiety drugs that it may lessen the ringing. I said heck No. I have ringing in both ears. When I'm stressed, anxiety, panic it's more. Evenings is loud too whenever it's quite. It's been 4 years for me. All I can do is manage by not letting it get to me, don't put to much focus on it. Listen to any kind of music or sounds to drown it out. I had some moments it stopped for a few seconds but that's it. I hope (believe) it will stop some day. I'm doing things to keep me in a relax state of mind daily, but it so hard in this reality.

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Thanks Mark!

I do also have some of your symptoms. I was diagnosed GAD and PTSD but I really don't want to label myself or get labeled with illnesses that we are not totally sure we have or are circumstantial.

You are right, tinnitus goes where anxiety goes. As I said, mine is not the regular ringing is a swooshing sound. Its is probably vascular or I'm very sensitive to noises that I hear what is inside me. It also happens to people that is loosing their hearing.

The thing is that all this nightmare started when I change or quit this poisons so there is a correlation there and as you rightly said the irony here is that they give you benzos to fix something that this poisons actually produce.

You are doing the right stuff. I also try to calm myself with several things like mindfulness and exercise. I also take cold showers that helped me to fall asleep even with the noise.

I still have the hope and hope you too that this is going to come to an end when we get rid of this drugs.

Thanks for jump in! :smitten:



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Sorry to read about your problem and you probably know already that there is no cure to it.

The only thing you can do is to visit a good audiologist and find triggers which make tinnitus worse.

I am client of hearing aids staten island and those guys are real professionals when it comes to hearing problems and aids.

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