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Is this deep depression normal this far out?


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  • 2 weeks later...

Is there anything outside of benzo recovery that might be a factor in triggering your current state of depression? Also, do you drink coffee?


I'm curious, because I too have been struggling with what I'm certain is "toxic" depression...directly linked to the damage from these drugs. I'm hoping I will get over this current state/feeling that is not just psychological in nature, but also has a physical component...I literally can feel every nerve in my being as though gravity were pulling me down to a frozen state of inactivity. Unfortunately, this recovery process has so many variables to consider. That trying to understand what's what, at any given time with any given symptom, makes it a bit of a guessing game.


I just know, I don't remember dealing with this level of depression, since this ordeal began in 2012. I did have toxic depression as I tapered off of Valium and it was only in the mornings that it was an issue....once I was up for the day, the dark depression disappeared. It was definitely the Valium that caused that depression...I would have to describe it as having been a very dark depressive state. Yet it too was "toxic" since the drug(valium) was the culprit. I'm really sorry you are dealing with this...it can be so disabling.

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