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DLMT help!!(PLEASE!!!!)


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Any Help would be life saving!


I was originally n Ativan 1 mg and c/t back in January and started multiple other meds by my GP for insomnia. I was then put back on Ativan and moved onto klonopin for about a month, c/t again to try other meds and moved back to Klonopin in Late May, for a total of 3 months between .50 mg and .75 mg, ( and after previous c/t and other failed med) I was then transitioned over to Valium in which she did to quickly, 1 week, (I quickly tapered to .50 mg Klonopin) sis .25mg K and 5 mg V for that 1 week and then moved to 8 mg Valium. She fast tapered me 1 mg per weeke for 8 mg, then 7 mg, 6 for 2 weeks, 5 mg for 2 weeks and then up dosed me back to 6mg as I was so sick in w/d and tolerance for the past 3 weeks. I have not stabilized and wanted to move forward with my w/d. I cut .25 mg 3 nights ago and now my symptoms are even worse with micro sleeps, heart pounding, sweats, hot/cold, bladder issues and flu symptoms.


I saw a new Dr who want me to go back to Klonopin .25mg x 2 a day and hold. I do not trust any of these Dr's, they have messed me up and I do not know what to do? I'm not sure if I should go back up to 6 mg ( 1 mg in the am - 5mg before bed, or stay at the deduction of 1 mg am 4.75 at bed, up dose, switch to klonopin and start over, IDK what to do and my CNS has been on a roller coaster (see history) I was thinking maybe DLMT may help, but have no idea on how to start a spread sheet and get this started. Any suggetions or help would be life altering!



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Hello, md.  Per my suggestion on your other thread, adding more details of your benzo history to your Profile/signature would help others help you.  Would you feel comfortable doing so?


Below is the topline summary you and I developed yesterday.  If you combine it with the info you’ve shared above along with the strength and formulation of benzo you are currently using (my recollection is that you are using an oral solution - is it prescription or homemade? what is the concentration?), you’ll have a complete, accurate signature! 


Up and down from .50mg to .75mg of Klonopin from late May to mid July 2019

Mid July transitioned from K to V (.25mg K and 5mg V for 1 week)

Stopped Klonopin, then started 8mg V for 1 week

7mg V 1 week

6mg V 2 weeks

5mg V 2 weeks

Updosed to 6mg V for 3 weeks

Current dose as of Sept 21, 2019: 6mg V

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Does not allow more characters, would have to remove other med history? Not sure if I should remove or?


Create a post with your med history: if you do not have Progress Log already (probably the ideal location for your history), start one, and use your opening post as a summary of your history (update as appropriate). Use replies to your Log for more fulsome updates as you go along (keep the opening post as a summary). Then, instead of having your whole history in your signature line, just have the headline stuff (as complied by Libertas) and and add a link to your full history in your Progress Log.


If would like help creating a textural link (like the ones in my signature line), reply here and I will help you.

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You almost have it. Now, if you start your own thread on the Progress Logs board as I suggested (although other members can read your log, they cannot reply to it), you would then link to your Log. And, I can even help with textural link to your log (using the title of your log). For example:


(See: Path of a Guinea Pig for full med history)

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