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Titrating Schedule for Xanax .25


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I am currently on .25 Xanax a day which I am splitting up into 4 smaller doses so it stays in my system because of the short halflife. I cannot tolerate switching to valium. I purchased a scale and would like to start reducing the dose by 10% a week. Can anyone help me with this. Should I take the same amount throughout the day or should I take a little more of the dose in the evening to help with sleep. I am having terrible insomnia.


Any help would be appreciated.



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I read over your first post where you said you’ve been on Xanax for 8 weeks. Personally I wouldn’t prolong using Xanax but would drop to .0625 three times a day for a few days then drop another dose for a few days and so on.  It’s generally thought best not to prolong use to the point where the taper is longer than the duration of use, due to risks of deepening the dependency.


After 8 weeks, some people are going to have withdrawal symptoms, but they should be fairly short-lived.


Just my opinion. 



It would be best to add your benzodiazepine history to your posts because it’ll make a difference in how people answer. Go up to Profile, then Forum Profile and write in the box provided and save it.


Thanks! Let us know if you need help with your Profile.

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Thank you for your response. When you say the withdrawal symptoms will be short lived. How long will they typically last? I'm having insomnia, chest pain, muscle pain, feeling sick.
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