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Hello guys....

To start, this is a non complete recovery story, but I am sure it will be in a few months time


First of all I wanted to write this story for those who think that recovery isn't going to happen, but it does Happen, it only a matter of time


To start, I was prescribed a bunch of AD and Xanax for 5 months through my doctor, for an IBS condition posibly from work stress and bad diet, and after I started on these medication I started to feel sick mentally and pshysically, so I started researching these drugs and I knew I had to stop them after seeing all these side effects happening It was not me al all.


At this time I didn't know that these drugs are addictive and that stopping them CT will cause much problems, but I did specially when my doctor told me to increase the dose, while I was sick, I told myself how can I increase the dose of drugs that cause me to get sicker each day, so I throw them in the toilet, Lucky I did so, and very bad decision, and payed for it dearly.


Ok, after I stopped them I didn't felt sick for a while until 1 month after, and the storm started, OMG what I had like all of you out there was:

Extreme Anxiety


Biological Fear





High Blood pressure

Heart Beats


Extreme fatigue

Muscle spasm and joint pain

thought of loosing my mind

and many many more sxs,I don't really remember cause it was too too bad, I was like a scrabled puzzle waiting for time to collect the pieces together, I was simply a complete mess :)


1st year was horrible and I mean horrible: couldn't eat, couldn't drive, couldn't read, don't comprehend anything, I was a complete mess walking on the ground, completly locked down in my room, even walking was a challenge, couldn't work


2nd year things started to get a little better, like changes I start to realize that it's part of the recovery road, like going out from time to time, start reading stuff, start meeting friends but all in a very low scale, I wasen't even myself still


3rd year, I am only 3 month in my third year, no, now I can tell you that things are really starting to unveil, and I much much closer to complete recovery, I can feel my brain starting to function again and the long veil is lifting, I am glad I didn't continue the drugs and stayed on it for a short period, but it took me long time to get where I am today, The things that are still left at this point are:


Anxiety: only pshysical

DR: comes and goes and goes more

and some digestive issues (bloating - some nervousness - some acidity) due to food changes

Food sensetivity is much less, I can eat almost everything but very limited sugary and salty foods, additives and alcohol


All I can say for now is that everything gets better, what healed me is time time time, only that, plus diet offcourse, but diet limit your symptoms, you heal anyway with or without food, with or without medication, it the end result whethre you loked it or not, I still have waves everyday but much much less, and specially midday the rest of the day is great, and that only when I eat certain foods, but the reaction now does not last more than a day or 2 at the max, which I am greatful for, anyway this is an update to my situation and I hope it will continue to improve with more time like it did 2 years ago, JUST WAITED OUT, it will be great feeling and an emourmous victory when your completly done with it, I can feel it now, I will make an update again in 3 months time and I am sure things will be more great, hang in there the storm will pass and spring will come and stay :)


If anyone wants to ask me anything I will be delighted to answer all your questions, you will be OK, and it will be the day on your life believe me :)


PS everybody is diffrent, and every CNS is diffrent, I am speaking from my own personal experience, IT GETS BETTER, and time will heal you no matter what :) stay positive,


I know it's hard but you can do it, relapses are very normal, but there are trigger that causes them, remember that your CNS is out of balance for now, and anything you put in it will have concequences until it's balanced again with time, after this you will be running like a mad horse :) stay well everybody

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Hi Tommy,


Wow, what an impact your relatively short time use of these medications had on your system. That shows just how strong these drugs are.


Good for you for letting your body heal, it has been a long road for you, but its wonderful to hear about your recovery. I am sure the next few months will continue to bring you even more healing and wellness.


You have a great attitude and are doing all the right things.


Thanks for sharing this good news with all of us.



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Congratulations are your many improvements and eventual recovery! I really like to hear success stories from people 2 years out that are finally starting to see the end of the road in sight! I think it really gives alot of people hope on here. This journey as has been said is two steps forward and one step back! but its very encouraging to hear that eventual result is recovery and healing and moving on with the beauty of life.

Happy Healing to you!




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Tommy, what a horrible time you have had. It's terrifying how 5 minutes in a doctor's office can turn someone's life into a living hell. I'm so glad you have come so far and nearly healed, and it gives me hope. So thankyou for sharing your story and go well into the future.


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Hi Tommy,


Thank you for your post.  I'm so grateful to hear that you are progressing so much forward.  My husband is right behind you, just over 24 months.  LIke you, he was not on this a long time.  Like you, things with the wds have transformed to healing, though, there is a ways to go.


Prayers, thoughts and healing all the way are with you.  Thank You... for your post, its so needed to one and all, to reassure all going through this.



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Thank you Guys for your lovely replies, Yes this is the worse trip of my life, what a roller coaster ride, these are the worse drugs on the planet, and never had the idea of what it can do, but I guess the end result is worth it, I feel there will be a lot of healing this year, nomatter how you stop CT or taper you will make it to the end and heal, just lower the pace with yourselves, to keep the sxs in a low profile, I know it's hard when you feel more better, but what I learnt in this process is TALIKG IT EASY ON MY SELF AS MUCH AS I CAN, and respect what my body going through at this period...we will make it


TIME TIME and more TIME and your life will get normal without even noticing :) Thanks again and I will make an update in another few months

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Thank you for your success story. I'm glad to hear you're doing well and expect more healing. Was there anything else besides time, lowering stress and dietary measures that you feel helped? 

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No Bart, I didn't do anything I am waiting for it to fade, and it still comes in waves, but the waves becom less intense and does not last, only if I eat something that can make things worse, specially sugar and salt triggers reactions, thats all, just take care of your diet and leave the rest to your body to manage and it will :) hope you feel good soon buddy you are all heroes
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tommy1234,you are lucky and I'm glad your recovering,but this does not make me feel better as I have been on them for over 30 yrs,if you are still in recovery going on 3 yrs,if I took that equation

5 months = 3yrs recovery and applied it to me, I would have to live to the ripe old age of 216yrs.

I would like to hear from people who have taken them as long as 30yrs and post that they have recovered,how they did it and what they were taking.

Only then will I celebrate.

I know I'm a Debbie downer,but 5 months is nothing compared to most people here.

Not good.

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Tommy, Good for you for following your intuition. I, too, became very sick on a benzo...I could barely walk or talk and yet the docotor INSISTED I double EVERY dose! I didn't!! I c/t'd also. I am 17 mos out. Thanks for your story and advice.
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I want to ask you about the food sensitivities you experienced. I am 18 months out and I took Klonopin for 2 years before I realized that I had been going through interdose withdrawal for 8 months before I finally put myself in the hospital.

I have been having a great deal of difficulty with food allergies which developed into IGG food allergies. I was tested and it came back that I was allergic to almost all food. Is this the kind of difficulty you had? An accupuncture doctor told me it was my adrenal glands but I do not think so. I still have issues with my right eye being very blurry, bloating, food issues, anxiety and some depression. It feels like it gets worse for a while then better. It is best to keep very busy.


Are you able to eat more of the items you could not eat before after a while? What kind of sensitivities did you have? I get headaches every time I eat and a great deal of stomach bloating. If I eat any of the items I am allergic to I get a sinus infection and joint pains etc. It really is making the quality of my life awful.

I am reassured that you are doing well now. It seems everyone totally underestimates just how long it takes to go through this.  I just am happy to know there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I am hoping the food issues all go away soon. I appreciate any information you can give me.



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Hi Merlin, all I can say from the reading and the experience I went through, is that bottom line Anxiety slows your blood flow to your digestive system making your digestive process slowed down,

Every meal took me quite a while to get digested, and as you all know that the gut has a lot of nerves in the lining, and your receptors in your GI is very sensetive of what the drug did,

so it gets better with time as your whole CNS rewire again, my advice but everybody is diffrent, try to eat bland diet and easily digested foods, chew your food well, and drink water it helps with the process, after a while like me I don't follow the routine that I did years ago,

and I still get sick, not as sick as it used to be, but it gets better, whether you eat or not you will heal, I stayed eating zucchini for a year, and now I am jumping to diffrent stuff, but I try to limit the quantities and test, but if I overdo I get sick again, it just time untill your whole body get it's equillibrium again, just waited out and everything will fall into place, and most important take it easy on what you eat, it's not about your digestive system it's our whole body is still out of wack, and it will repair itself by itself :) hope that helps 

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