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The final months tapering plan


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I am in the final months.


I don't update this all very much, but I have been continuously slowly stepping down on valium. I am now at 0.76 mg daily, liquid. I had been doing about 5-10% per month using a dilution taper, but when I got lower, a few months ago , I started increasing the taper rate to 0.04 mg per week (easy to read on the medicine syringe) as I was told that under 1 mg you can speed up. I think i started this when I was at 1.6 mg. If I cut 0.04 per week, that would mean 0.16 per month, or an even 10% so I changed gears to a fixed taper rate.


Over time, I stuck with the fixed rate taper and it has meant that each month I am cutting a higher percentage. I have recently hit a patch of stressors that have made this increasing rate of taper a bit too hard, so I am taking a pause for at least a week or two so I can enjoy the summer and some time off from work. If I continue to cut by 0.04 mg each week even later this month, then I will be off of the drug sometime this fall or winter, which would be really good. I am not in a rush or need to meet a schedule -- I just want to be as normal as possible during this process.


The point of this post and my question to the group has to do with these tiny doses and if I really need to concern myself with the percentage per month of tapering. It seems if you do a fixed percentage each month it would theoretically take forever, and if you do a fixed amount, the rate increases over time which maybe means hitting a wall every so often like I just have. I guess I want to learn some wisdom to understand more about jumping off, when you do it, how you plan for it, etc. Was I misinformed about doses under 1 mg being sort of less relevant?


At this amount of dose I feel relatively good, but small stressors are still amplified and I know I am not ready to jump off. My job requires me to have more on than off days, hence I have been taking my time with this process. This does not mean tapering is any easy process, but overall I have managed to taper for couple years and not miss work to a great degree though there have certainly been times that I could only describe as absolute hell.




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