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Should I updose for a bit?


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I posted yesterday trying to see if my issues were klonopin related and now I know they are and the 2 responders said that i tapered way to fast and that I might need to go back up to .25 to stabilize which I would be happy to do. I just wanna make sure it's safe, though I do think it would be beneficial because these symptoms are quite intense. My brain is so foggy and I'm so exhausted and can't really eat or sleep well so I need some relief. Below are the rest of my symptoms and my tapering.


Symptoms have been nausea (which i have not experienced thus far and has brought on a lot of missed meals and therefore exhaustion),  lil bug crawling sensation on my skin [which should have clued me into my klonopin symptoms coming on strong, cuz she the only one that does this to me :P], dizziness, foggy brain, full body numbness and tingling, cold sweats, abdominal pain, diahrea, insomnia, restless sleep, racing thoughts, racing heart.


Klonopin .5mg

take half morning and night

3.5 years on

water/milk taper - stop and hold as well, at the same time.

i dissolve the pill in 300mL water and take a tablespoon or however much it is until i get to the right amount



3-18 .475

3-21 .45

3-27 .425

3-31 .4

4-5 .375

4-10 .35

4-13 .325

4-16 .3

4-22 .275

4-26 .25

4-30 .225

5-5 .2

5-9 .175

5-12 .15

5-15 .25 this is where i messed up, it was an accident, i didnt notice until 6 days later

5-21 .125 then i halved the dose which was stupid so i went back up

5-24 .2

5-26 .15

5-28 .125

6-1 .1 and this is where i stopped and also the day after is when the symptoms started coming on strong.

im just hoping people can validate this as klonopin withdrawal and maybe offer some support or advice


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I wouldn't. Hold for a bit, hard to get off without symptoms. Chasing them with updoses means a longer taper which may be worse.
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I hope you don’t mind, I added your taper schedule to your signature, its been a very rapid taper so I can understand why you feel like you do.


I’m concerned with your use of table and teaspoons, I worry about accuracy. 

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