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I think I will never heal / rigidity/ concrete body . Losing hope


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I am six months off

I had acute dystonic reaction to the meds no one believes me and I was so paranoid and out of my mind I just experienced to frozen to take action,


After 1,5 year of horrible akathasia this is what I still experience.

All my senses have become disturbed .My body feels hollow inside.

Feels like I am ecploding

Fore arms feel like being under a vise

The fat tissue in upper legs hurt

Turtle neck

Taste gone or things tastes bad

Sticky feeling in mouth.

Smells are bad. Bad chemical or burning smells that aren’t there not very ofte anymore.

Loss of normal sensations throughout my body.

I cannot feel any inner sensations anymore such as feeling full regardless of how much I eat - literally nothing of ever having eaten or for example being constipated. I only go pee when my bladder hurts don't get the sign earlier

Very altered sensation of pressure.

All of my muscles are tight and pulling against each other from top of head to feet.

Muscle texture/tone has changed - stiff/sticky

I get pulled backwards sensation and sideways if try to sit - can’t sit upright.

I start having strange chemical feelings inside when I do sit up straight- also my spasming in face gets worse and I want to move my arms and have to suppress the need to stand up. Gets less when I lay down.

Tightness in face feels like I am being suffocated by my own face.

Neck feels rigid, back feels rigid left arm too.

As if I turn into a statue

Brain feels like it gets yanked sideways in head

Muscles  get too ‘springy’ and hard to control.

Whole body including arms gets squeezed.

Tight muscles

Head has incredible pressure. As if being pumped up and up constantly.

Jaw and teeth feel tight.

Jaw moves as if trying to chew.


When I walk or when I wake up my back arching backwards and hips too but can't really describe what the hips do it changes posture

Ears feel full.

Abdomen feels rigid and spasms side to side where back is tight.

Dystonia throughout back, neck, ribs, buttocks, jaw, legs, shoulders. All contracting so tight bending spine.

Feels like I am being squashed by heavy weight. Pulled by the ground

Hard to breathe onf and off


Severe loss of adipose tissue.

Weight gain. 60 pounds

Body doesn't feel part of me anymore just part of outside me

Arms freeze

Feeling nailed to the ground

Can't walk very weak legs


Belly bloated

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I sent you a direct message with some referrals who may be able to help.
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