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boric acid-cured bv?


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Has anyone out there treated their bv (bacterial vaginosis) with boric acid alone?  And if you have, how did you do it?


Been diagnosed with BV and I am 30+ months out, now.  Don't know how I contracted this, but I just finished 5 weeks (not entirely consecutive) of treating a UTI with 3 rounds of AB.  A week has gone by and now it seems I have BV.  No yeast, though.  Never did get a yeast infection after all the ABx.  Now I am SO afraid to take another AB for the BV!  Doctor's Assistant told me that I had the option of doing nothing, that BVs tend to run their course after about 2 weeks anyway.  I'm not sure that is accurate.  Had planned on taking boric acid suppositories should this ever happen to me, and now I am unsure.  Any help?


I do know that there aren't a lot of choices for BV antibiotics.  Flagyl, of course, is the first line.  I REALLY prefer not to take that one.  It's a damaging one even for "normal" people, as I understand it.  And there is Clindamycin.  Both are topical/suppositories, as well as oral.  Problem is, there is a significant chance of recurrence with either of these.  And along with the unpleasant side effects and chance of creating resistant bugs, this doesn't make them attractive to me.  There is growing evidence that adding boric acid to either of these can improve the chances of avoiding a recurrence.  But there isn't a lot of evidence that treating BV with boric acid alone is effective.


My thinking is that if the standard AB aren't a sure thing, and that their side effects are a sure thing, that boric acid would be a realistic alternative.  There is a risk of some damage to the vaginal lining with either AB or the boric acid.  But the boric acid won't unduly throw off the vaginal ecosystem like an AB can, as I understand it.  It can even enhance it?


What does anyone else think?!  HAS anyone eliminated their BV with boric acid alone?  Just because there isn't sufficient scientific evidence to support the notion that boric acid can treat BV, does that mean that it can't happen?  Maybe it just hasn't been studied enough.  I also have heard of others treating their BV with apple cider vinegar douches but they were performed for several weeks and maybe the bacteria would have gone away by that time anyway.  And don't vinegar douches mess negatively with vaginal biome?  I am so confused.


Please advise.  I need help soon.


Thank you, wonderful people.  Your input matters to me.  There is a bright future for us somewhere.

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