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Dry Taper off of Kolonopin vs Working with a Pharmacy that Does Compounding


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I have tried to understand the math, but it is not working. I even bought 3 scales-- I will keep the Gemini and someone in the forum tried to walk me through it and I still don't get it. I am overwhelmed and anxious. I started at 4.0 mg and am down to 1.5 in the morning and 1.75 mg (starting tonight). My pharmacy does compounding and told me they could find ways to make it cost efficient for me. They would create a liquid tincture for me and help me figure out how many ml I would take.


Has anyone done that here? I would like to do the dry and cut taper, but my benzo brain is not getting this. I might have a friend help with this tomorrow.


One thing that confuses me is that if there is filler in the pill and you cannot be sure how it is distributed throughout the pill unless you cut along the score lines, how can who file down a pill and know that you are getting enough of the active ingredient?


I also noticed watching a video that a pill-- for this example, say a 1mg pill weighed less than 1 mg on the scale. I still don't understand that because I saw another person on YT weigh his pill and it did come up close to 1mg after filing off part of it. I am utterly confused and becoming more and more anxious as this tapering unfolds.


Thanks for any advice you can give me. Thanks to The Sun Also Rises for your help. I still did not get it.



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There's been a lot of discussions about this. I only dry tapered for 2 weeks because I struggled too much to file the pills, so I don't have enough experience, but I don't know if this helps you:


Yes, can project anything on this answer, can project my expectation of higher pill weight means higher API, as they don't say yeah we have exaclty 0,5mg clonazepam in each pill, but opposite can be true too.


Hi W2BFree. Your assumptions are correct. The tablets come from a relatively homogenous mass that has been mixed up so that the density is reasonably uniform. That being said, if you take .170 g of this mass, perhaps you get about 0.5 mg clonazepam. If you take .165 g of this mass, the "uniform" density says you're getting a bit less clonazepam, and if you have a bit more of this mass, you have a bit more clonazepam. So the best way to handle this is to take the average weight of 10 or more pills, and use that weight as your pill weight. Once you have that, do all your calculations and cut all your pills as if they weigh that amount. That's what I do, and that's what most people do who dry taper. There is no better way to account for the slight differences. You assume a uniform density and file away with confidence.


Hereforhelp has done dry tapering all the way to the end. You might want to jump on the Klonopin Klub #2 and ask him there if this does not answer your question.

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Thanks so much for responding to my question


I might make another post because no one

Gave me a direct answer

As to whether


Is better


Dry taper or

Take a liquid base compound. Excuse



The bizarre writing. My phone


That sometime and

I am

Not trying to be

A poet




Thanks again


I will post

I’m the



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Whether dry tapering is better than liquid or vice versa is something we can't tell you. Each method has its own pros and cons. Some people do better on dry than liquid and some people prefer liquid. It really comes down to what works for you. 


What we do know is when it comes to liquid it's generally more reliable to have it compounded than make it yourself.

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