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Nutrition, exercise, and Epsom Salt/Magnesium baths before bed ;)


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I was taking Melatonin, and then decided it was not for me so I got back to my regular exercise, which is a half hour walk after dinner, and during the noon hour or a bit before, I go to our local gym.  I've been going there a year now and I think it has helped tremendously in withdrawing from my Clonazepam.


Lastnight was going to be the first night in around 2 weeks I did not take any melatonin so I took an Epsom Salt bath/Magnesium.  I slept better lastnight, and got up with lots of energy.  I'm 70 now, took 1 mg of C for 35 years.  Changed my diet (I do a ketogenic) to fend off my doctors pushing me to take another drug for my diagnosis of Type 2 diabetes. My HbA1c's started dropping down, and also daily testing numbers have been in safe range for 2 years and 4 months.


I just started cutting on March 25th from the C because even with all the good health habits I've been able to take up, insomnia has been worse since starting to wean, but I had stopped my regular exercise.  So it's maintaining that, and the Epsom Salt baths I think are getting me back to sleep without melatonin. 

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