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Menstrual problems on benzos/tapering???


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Hi all,

I am hoping to connect with those who have experienced menstrual issues while on benzos and tapering. I am currently not tapering, holding at a lower dose for a prolonged time and I notice I have patterns around my period. The pre-menstrual week is havoc, I feel like I’m being taken a peg down each day until I’m so exhausted I’m bedridden.

Then right before my period, I feel physically sick, mentally and emotionally debilitated, so exhausted, agitated, foggy, exhausted, crying, etc. This usually alleviates after day 2-3 of my period but it sucks, really triggers all my health anxiety bad.

Would really like to hear if others have had difficulties with their cycles, just really want to relate to others on this I feel so alone. Thank you!

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Hey geminidivide!


Just piping it to say you're definitely not alone. My period is all over the place and my depression is next level when it happens. Sadly I'm not in a great place to start with so it just makes it 10x worse. I have however seen changes in pain in my body throughout and much less cramping due to changing my diet - no gluten, no processed foods, limited dairy, no alcohol, coffee or MSG. Wondering if some dietary changes may help you?

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