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Which is more damaging to the brain (long-term) on 10mg benzo daily or CT/taper?


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I know of folks who have been on 10mg daily benzos (!!!) for years and reported no symptoms or side effects. Similarly, I know of others who are on Risperdal (an antipsychotic) for more than 10 years and they are doing physically and sleeping well while they no longer suffer from Schizophrenia symptoms that they were first placed on. Some are afraid of the withdrawal symptoms , hence, they continue to take it for decades, maintaining or increasing dosage over time.  Because they haven't experienced any symptoms, they think they are the safe and lucky lot, of course, this is because they continue to be on the medication indefinitely.  But there will come a point in time when they need to taper these drugs after over 10 years or so, will the suffering be compounded?


But those who are suffering are those who were on low dosage and/or on these drugs for short periods and then abruptly CT/tapering it off.


So, longitudinally, which group will potentially suffer more health damages, those who continue to be on these drugs (high-dosage) and long-term basis or those who abruptly CT/fast taper after a short duration of consumption like (1 to 3 months at low dosages)?

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I am not sure you can find a black-and-white answer to this question.


The long-term users might have other issues that require medical intervention associated with the benzo use, but they are not aware of it. For example, hip replacement surgery. Or they get misdiagnosed with other illnesses that are side effects of benzos.

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CT definitely does more damage. I was on low dose zopiclone for 12 years happy, health, no side effects  normal life,  able to sleep.. Been hell last 4 years since forced to CT. Damaged my brain so much anything try makes things worse. I can’t speak for high dose users as never was, but def think CT causes brain damage. Whether tapering off higher doses causes the same Have no experience so can’t comment.
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The 10mg is relative, though. For example, diazepam 10mg versus lorazepam 10mg is quite different. Tough question to answer -- Dr. Ashton talked about pushing to do radiology studies to help evaluate this but the NIH turned and Lader down long ago. Without data it's all speculation and anecdotal. Hearing from experiences such as given in the previous post should hold some weight.
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We definitely have double damage in my opinion. The first damage is taking the drug and adapting to it, the second worse damage is coming off of it and leaving all the glutamate rampant.
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