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Withdrawal from benzodiazepines, a trial,

The body screams in protest all the while.

A vicious cycle, never-ending strife,

Making peace with oneself, a constant fight.


The tremors come, the anxiety roars,

The mind races, the panic outpours.

Sleep eludes, and nightmares ensue,

The body aches, and the spirit too.


The memories haunt, and the past comes near,

The fear grips tight, and the pain is clear.

But through it all, one must persevere,

And find the strength to conquer the fear.


For though the journey may be long and hard,

The light at the end of the tunnel is not far.

With time and care, and support from friends,

One can overcome, and make amends.


So to those who struggle with benzodiazepine's hold,

Take heart and know, you are not alone.

For though the road ahead may be rough,

You will come out stronger, more resilient, and tough.


Bennie :smitten::thumbsup:

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Thanks, this will help others to know that we all wage a war, but it can be conquered also. :thumbsup:
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