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Severe anxiety and agoraphobia help.


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Hi all.

I'm in need of some help please. I have been on Valium daily for over 20 years as prescribed by my Dr for anxiety. The past 9 or so years have been really bad. My Dr prescribed me Klonopin as well as Valium. That worked wonders for about a year then stopped working, so I gradually tapered off and been off Klon for over 3 years. I'm still on 10mg of Valium and too scared to taper due to the horrible experience I had tapering Klon.

I have been housebound for the past year, as in can't even open my door. I fell downstairs and dislocated my ankle. My girlfriend called the ambulance. They said that they had to take me to hospital. But the hospital is 7 miles away, I couldn't do it. So I reset it at home. I won't go into details of how I did it, but it was incredibly painful. So this shows the severity of the agoraphobia.

I am feeling lower and lower mood wise daily and now getting disturbing thoughts. I don't have any friends come over as that increases my anxiety, even seeing my own family members makes it worse. I don't know what to do to ease this anxiety?

I used to be incredibly active before the anxiety/agoraphobia, as in hardly ever at home. Always out with friends, walking my dogs for miles, playing sports etc.


Any help or advice would be much appreciated.

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Hi there,

Concerning anxiety, it isn't an easy thing to deal with...I get it! I know!

That said, bluntly (you'rea Leo, I'm sure you understand bluntly  ;D), you're going to have to start finding ways to cope with it.


One way I cope: I got myself a crystal ball for meditation. I find meditating is essential to cope with anxiety and stresses.


I'm on no medicine and haven't been in years; however, I have to deal and cope.


Here's some ways to cope with anxiety, I found very helpful:

1) NEVER fight a panic attack; I find staying calm through one is best (you only stimulate yourself more if you fight it).

2) Meditate

3) Practice mindfulness

4) Always get a good night's sleep! ALWAYS!

5) Keep stress down.

6) Eat as healthy as possible: I eat avocados, bananas, watercress,  oranges, peanuts, pomegranate and many other healthy foods.


I know my help may seem cliché,  but try these tips.


And you being on the Valium, you know sometimes the medicine IS the problem.


I hope this helps. 🙏


As far as agoraphobia,  it stems from anxiety. Once anxiety levels are leveled, it goes.


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Thanks greatly for your helpful reply. It means a lot due to feeling totally stuck with this agoraphobia.

I will definitely be doing the things that you have suggested.

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