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4 years no valium


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It's been 4 years since I tapered off valium.  I was taking 20 to 40 miligrams per day when I was taking valium


The first year off valium - very bad.  Anxiety, panic attacks, unable to cope with stress.

The second year off valium - same as the 1st year but less so.

The third year off valium - Things started to become much more normal.  I still had panic attacks driving or taking escalators but they were more mild.

The fourth year off valium - Things are better.  I am still shaky with regard to panic attacks while driving but it's much more mild and improving every year.


During the third year I joined a gym and started working out.  I also started walking for excercise.  I could not do this during year 1 and 2.  During year 1 and 2 hanging on to my job was hard enough.


I have started a hobby and I try to go to the gym as often as possible.  I have learned to prioritise myself as much as possible without ignoring my responsibilties to family.

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Thank you for this positive report! I hope you keep on improving as you go. I like how you have done it slowly and managed little progress steps along the way.  I'm at 16 months and hearing you can go to the gym in year 3 is very encouraging to me. I miss getting good exercise! 


Congrats so you and best wishes for further improvement.



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Thank you for sharing this!  It's a very rough road for many of us, as it was for me,  and sometimes arduously slow, but our bodies know how to heal.  Very happy for you and your progress!



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