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Dental option for medication free fillings - hope this helps someone!


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I'm posting this bc I know someone will find this useful one day.

Solea Laser dentistry uses a laser instead of a drill. Because of the frequency of it, it bypasses pain receptors. It does use some water at the same time so all you should feel is maybe some coldness. Regardless it requires no local anesthesia. If you go on the Solea website you can put in your zip code and it will show dentists in your area that use it. (If in US..hopefully this in other countries too..)


It does have some limitations. It is not for deep cavities or root canals, just smaller ones.

So don't out off the dentist bc if you can catch these things early, this option is a good one.


Also in regards to cleanings..you can ask for more organic options rather than the chemical laden polishers they use. or just have them do the usual water jet/scrape for tartar and walk away. You can also refuse fluoride.

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I found out about such options when I went through the dental implant procedure. It took me time to choose the best clinic, but I was lucky to come across the Clear Choice reviews by link and I was pleased with my choice as it turned out the clinic that offers the latest innovations in dentistry.
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