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Completed taper, walking towards healing


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Tonight I took the last dose of what has been a difficult 3 month direct taper off of Ativan. The journey has been harrowing, at times I thought I didn’t have the strength to get through it. Through many tears, days in bed, consumed with fears, I pressed on. And I couldn’t have done it without my buddies.


An encouragement to any of you who are second guessing this journey: You are stronger than you think you are, and you WILL heal. Don’t believe the fear that these drugs bring. Although traumatic, you will get through this and there is hope for tomorrow.


I am cautiously facing my path forward, knowing that struggles are temporary, and that the fruit of our labour through tapering will not go without reward.


I pray blessings of deep peace and healing over all of you. Thank you for providing a safe space to be vulnerable and find community during a very lonely time.



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You sound very strong and determined!  These attributes will serve you well as you begin your personal journey through Benzoland. Godspeed :smitten:
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