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Is Tart cherry okay to take with diazepam?


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I take Diazepam at night and a friend gave me a bottle of tart cherry. Has anyone had experience with this? Did it help, any known interactions?  Thanks! My insomnia is mostly anxiety related. Frequent wakings with heart racing, thinking about all the “what if’s”....
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Tart Cherry should be fine.


Your sleep issues are most likely related to taking V?


V down regulates GABA.  GABA is your body's "brake pedal" or what makes you calm and relaxed so you can sleep

Glutamate is your body's "gas pedal" or what makes you active and alert or even fight or flight

Normall GABA and Glutamate are in a balancing act so one doesn't overtake the other.

However, V will prevent GABA from working correctly while allowing Glutamate to work "over time."

That's why people have sleep issues until things even out and GABA and Glutamate get back in balance.

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Thanks! I’ve actually had insomnia before I started taking benzos. But it got much worse during the pandemic which is how I got myself into this benzo mess. Thanks I will give it a try.
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