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Insomnia getting worse at 2 months off


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My first month off was very good, with minimum insomnia and no other sx. Made me feel like I was recovered back to normal. But this second month my insomnia is back to acute stage, 0-3 hours sleep a day, I feel very discouraged and worried.
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That's pretty normal.


My insomnia really kicked in month 3 after my CT and was brutal until month 8.


That doesn't mean yours will be like that.


3 hours is actually very good at 2 months off.


I averaged 5-10 hours per week for a long time


Your sleep will even out over time, but it will be up and down.


Don't get discouraged on nights you don't get much or any sleep.


Your body will get all the sleep it needs until things even out.


It will get better.  Time is the healer.

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