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Very frustrating insomnia at 10 months benzo free


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I have ha a very hard time after a 5 yr taper and now 10 months off in protracted withdrawal . I have had to go back in to very intensive therapy  from this and see a heart and GI dr . I have dysautonomia from this exp ,

I had been making slow progress until about a month ago my sleep suddenly starts detriorating and now I have been up 48 hours , I just saw a new dr day before yesterday and yesterday had 10 tubes of blood taken . The Dr's in LA DO believe me and are very worried .


I am so tired I am ill , I have had issues waking at 3-4 am this whole time but could fall asleep , now it just stopped and i am not sure what to do , dr is brand new , and I dont have another appt for 4 weeks .

I am terrified of meds at this point and am not sure if I should try a benadryl or ask the dr or go to urgent care ,

i am trying to get my mm card here and see if that helps but my head is killing me ,  I used HEAVY indica strains during taper ( and for the last 42 years ) so I am no beginner but in acute had a very bad reaction so I quit at that time .


I am not sure f this is from the fear of the Dr and the TERRIBLE FRIGHT of having my blood drawn . I have very severe fear now of everything . I hate it but it is what it is and I am wondering if the fear of having my blood drawn precipitated this .

I am considering asking for a vistaril , idk .

I am very medically fragile at this time and need to be careful . not sure what the lesser of two evils is .

any opinions would be welcome .


I will also say my sleep hygiene is immaculate . I take extra precautions .

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I'm really sorry you're not sleeping.  A few random thoughts...


MMJ most definitely helps me sleep.  I've also taken benadryl on occasion without any issues.  When I just take it occasionally, it works pretty well.  I also pop a little melatonin.


If immaculate sleep hygiene isn't working, perhaps relax that hygiene a bit.  My (active) mind often gets in the way of sleep, so I create distractions in the bedroom.  I play calming music all night (softly).  I surf or game on my laptop (in bed).  And of course, there's the indica.  It all helps me ignore that little nagging voice that's always worried or angry about something (and keeps me awake).  I find I sleep better with some food in my belly - the Thanksgiving effect.  None of this is considered 'proper' sleep hygiene, but I think each person has to find an approach to sleep that works for them - even if they deviate from the so-called experts advice.

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I may have to do this more . Relax what I think I have to do at night .  I have been trying so hard to do everything right .


I do sleep with my legs elevated and sometimes think I have too many pillows . I had bad nerve pain at first and the pillows are leftovers from that part of this .

I walk 2.5 miles a day and just cannot walk anymore at this time .  I am going to work on getting my MM card here , and try some of the things you are suggesting . Trying to relax , it just seems to cause more fear . ugh .

I really don't want any meds . I finally dozed off at about 2:45 am and woke about 7 .



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