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Question Re: how long to leave K in Vodka or PG Before adding H2O?


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Thanks to everyone on BB for providing so many options and help for tapering. 


I am preparing to start a partial DLMT and have been experimenting with PG and a different kind of pill (just to test things and not waste a K pill).  Today, I used a Diamox with 1 ml of PG and left it there; it didn't dissolve at all in 6 hours.  When adding 4 ml. water, about 2/3 of the pill dissolved partially in one hour.


My question is:  How long do you leave the K in PG or Vodka before adding the water in order for it to make a good solution?


Thanks in advance- I hope this isn't a stupid question! :)

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Not stupid, this question gets asked over and over.


Once the tablet begins to break down/deconstruct, the K will rapidly dissolve.


Some tablets have a hard coating to protect them from moisture, which will retard the deconstruction.  If that applies to your tablets, you can either crush them before adding to the solvent, or you can muddle the tablet in the solvent.


But you won't know how your tablet responds until you actually try one of your tablets.  BTW, it won't be wasted.  One way or another, it will deconstruct, and the K will go into solution.

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