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i have destabalized CNS , still. vodka taper


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The Intensol didn't work.  (doc never said anything about diluting it).  i didn't know.  so i returned that.  and, am going to try a vodka taper.  since my body is so touchy and i am getting sicker, will this Vodka taper really work for me?  i know you can't adivse, but, please give me some direction.  my brain is getting more and more cog fog and i am getting scared about being on too much lorrazepam.  as it doesn't even help me anymore, it takes not symptoms away, just makes me feel sick.    please, does the vodka water taper, really, really work?  i read that other post.  but, i just need to know, if i should try intensol again.  but, i don't know how much to dilute it?  does anyone know?  i need help, please.  thankyou.
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