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Need Titration Schedule for Klonopin Liquid Taper


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Would appreciate any/all assistance in creating a titration schedule for a Klonopin Liquid (Milk) Taper.


Here is my info:


Start Date: May 15, 2016


Dose: .75 mg


Tablet Dose:  1 mg


Number of Tablets:  .75 tab


Taper Rate:  This one has me stumped!  I think I would rather start on the slow end.


Cylinder Details:  100 ml with 1 ml increments


Would prefer to take in 3 doses per day.


Thank you. 
















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Thanks for making it easy.


I'd put the 1mg pill into 100ml whole milk and save 25ml for the next day or toss it.  Each ml will be .01mg K.  You'll need a 1ml and a 10ml syringe.  The cylinder is also handy to measure the large amounts of milk.


For taper rate, if you don't know I usually suggest 8% a month as a place to begin looking.  At your dose this is .002mg (.2ml) a day.  I agree, it is good to start slow and get used to it first.  Hopefully, this will result in immediate success.


For dosing, just split you 75ml three ways by eyeballing them even on the counter.  No need to measure out each 25ml separately.  Dose with the liquid for a while without cutting to adjust to it.

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Thanks SG57...


Still a little lost.  I got the first part.  But, not sure about the tapering part.


I do have both a 1 ml and 10 ml syringe.


I don't understand how much I will be removing each day.  Will I remove the same amount each day for a specific period of time and then begin removing more, or do i remove an increasing amount each day? 


Sorry, having trouble wrapping my mind around all these numbers.



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Sorry if it wasn't clear.  You remove .2ml more each day, so .2ml, .4ml, .6ml, .8ml...  Each .2ml is .002mg K.


This is a daily taper, so the cuts are made each day and you hold on an as needed basis.  But, if you are using the right cut size holding will not be necessary very often.  Basically, you use a pace that your body can keep up with.  This type of taper makes the most use of the drug and gets it to help you the most to keep symptoms away.

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Thank you for clearing that up.


I think I understand the process.


I appreciate your help.  This is a big step for me, but I can't wait to start.



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