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Curious about the HPA Axis


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I've read that benzos causes our HPA Axis to be flipped upside down which is why we suffer so many physical symptoms. And that it can take up to 1 or 2 years for it to sort itself out. But I'd like to know does it really go back to homeostasis? I just find it very hard that all these painful physical symptoms will one day just disappear. That all the inflammation and high number of antibodies will go back to normal. Honestly I'd be naive to say that I will escape this benzo ordeal unscathed with some type of illness. But I'd also like to think that our bodies can perform miraculous things like giving us our normal lives back.
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Have you tried a free radical detox?

There are simple supplements that can target and neutralize free radicals that have been caused by the withdrawal.

Basically free radicals are the debris - the leftover not helpful bits of cells doing their jobs.

Vit C targets and neutralizes and captures free radicals - look up zeolites & bucky ball supplements.


As your body "breaks up with " the benzos alot of debris is created.

This debris can trap our bodies into an ongoing traumatic state.

This panic emotional state also causes an increase in cortisol. Perception is everything. And humanity is being tortured and gaslit at this moment. Most humans are in panic. It is a natural response to what we are being told is "normal" or moral. Smh

We get through this by being of service to the Divinity in each other.




I have borderline personality so this is"normal" to me.

Cortisol is your friend but when it is constantly demanded our tolerance increases.

Be kind to you.

Nurture and cherish you.

Be here now.

You are not alone.

Please Learn about how to calm your adrenals with food, nutritional supplements and compassion.

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