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How Do Exercise and Walking Help Stop Anxiety?


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So get up and for a walk, just as far as you can, every day a little bit...



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Since anxiety is an element of fear often when you experience an anxiety attack or a panic attack, adrenaline is released to your body. The feeling of adrenaline is what keeps you frightened, because it hits you by surprise.


By exercising, you are releasing adrenaline to your body and getting used to the feeling. The more you familiarize yourself with the feeling of adrenaline the less you’ll worry when you have an attack.


Many anxiety sufferers get easily startled. The “missing heartbeat” accompanies itself with the adrenaline hormone that is released from the adrenal glands that may be found directly above the kidneys.


When you finish exercising you have a wonderful feeling of relaxation. You feel neutral, stress free and you’re enjoying the adrenaline. It is very rare to have an anxiety attack when you’re done exercising. Get to know the feeling of adrenaline and you’ll be more relaxed throughout the week, which benefits you in numerous ways. The most common one is an overall good feeling, physically and emotionally, which means that the anxiety levels can’t be very high and you’ll have fewer attacks if any.


Good Feeling

We all know that the feeling of anxiety is terrible. No one likes to fear, especially when there is no real threat and it is just a fiction of our imagination.


The act of exercising regularly will guarantee you a good feeling, and by feeling good it is difficult for the body or mind to feel bad, that’s common sense.


Look at athletes and people who exercise regularly. They always feel good. Yes, they are human beings and they also have up and downs in life, but fact of the matter is that they feel better about their lives and not worse.


Do they have special lives? Were they gifted in a way that you weren’t, NO! They do something on a regular basis that helps them maintain the good feeling that you strive to have. The idea isn’t to dedicate yourself to exercise or workout nonstop. You should exercise to the point that you feel good.


Imagine the feeling of relaxation after a good workout. Your blood flows properly, your breathing is stable and you’re in a zone that represents tranquility. You’re alert, focused and relaxed, but, you don’t really mind the surroundings. You feel good.


Anxiety is a bad feeling, if you feel good, not only mentally but also physically it is impossible for the body and mind to change their overall feeling quickly. You won’t be interested in the nonsense and tricks of anxiety your mind plays on you, you’ll be enjoying your good feeling.


This good feeling continues to live in your body for one day after the workout. After a day it decreases again, therefore it is a good Idea to exercise regularly.



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