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THIS might be why WE all cant sleep!!


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I have been doing alot of research on systemic Candida.....Thanks to a wonderful person on this forum who posted about him having it ,that led me to research and yes i do have it......After much reading i am convinced most people have it,some have minor symptoms some major.....I have major..I am also convinced this is why we have had so many problems getting off the drugs....This might explain why yrs ago i could stop the benzos with NO problems...I did not have systemic Candida back then..


Its been almost 2 months on a candida diet and natural supps to kill the Candida and i still do not feel better.Also taking Dr Ohirras probiatic.one of the best...I recently just read that its hard to kill systemic Candida unless you take a antifungal drug like diflucan,so i am going to start this in 2 weeks or so...Below are links to Candida and insomnia.PLEASE READ!...






These are just a couple of many i have read over the last few weeks....We have more than 1 symptom insominia....There are many at least for me,like brain fog for one....







Below is a Questionnaire to see if you have Candida symptoms..






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