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For those that were put on benzos for anxiety


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I have generalized anxiety disorder and have taken AD on and off since I was 18 to help control it!  I tapered off of effexor and used the klonopin for the wd anxiety which in turn got me into big trouble with benzos.


My question is, for those of you that have an anxiety disorder that came off of benzos...how is the anxiety disorder now?  Im wondering if some of my horrid anxiety is my disorder.  How much trouble is your anxiety disorder causing you, if any? 


My assumption is that I can probably handle my anxiety disorder as it was not even close to the benzo anxiety that I experience!!


Anyway, thanks for your help.



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Hey Pauline,


Your situation sounds the same as one of my co-workers. She, too, was put on Effexor and was given Klonopin to help ease the withdrawals. Fortunately, she only used it as needed and never became dependent on it.


Anyhow, the anxiety I felt pre-benzos was something I never felt before, because I never felt anxiety like that in my life. Now, I have a handle on it and can work my way through the panic. Don't get wrong, sometimes it's hard and I let my thoughts get the best of me, but with proper self training, it gets easier. I'm thinking the only reason I'm have tough anxiety right now is because of the benzo w/d.


It sounds like you've got the right frame of mind, though. Anyone can kick anxiety's butt, as long as we have the willpower to do so.

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