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Coping Tips for Anxiety


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These are a lot of great tips, what2do.  Some of the same things just stated differently are also on one of our Anxiety threads here:



I printed out that first post by Jeff and read it every time I felt the anxiety rising to where slow breathing didn't help.  We really have quite a bit of control when you think about it.

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I like the one that says count down by 3s from 100 to 0 (its pretty hard). Ive been doing it during my daily exercise walk and it just keeps my mind from wandering and those feet a steppin!
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I found this --->http://www.benzoliberty.com/information/coping%20panic.php page on the net. Ive found it to be useful.

Print it out or make it a "favorite"


Here is the 'parent site for that page.-->http://www.benzoliberty.com/info.php

Theres some useful benzo info there.

hope it helps you! :smitten:


Thank you whattodo. Hope you are well and feeling good...in your life.

Be happy



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